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WPI's full warranty service is the best value for your money, and we will prove it.

    Dealers that process warranties in-house generally spread the expense around so it becomes difficult to determine what their real expense is. We, at WPI, have created this tool to help dealers determine what their true admin expense is. It allows you to compare the cost associated with the time that each of your employees spend processing warranties. The tool is easy to use, with real world default costs, to help you determine an estimated expense quickly or you can get out your books and override the presets with real data and get a true picture of your in-house expense. Keep in mind, our service replaces the need to book, code, enter, correct, or close warranty claims.

Please fill in the wages for up to five employees including the percentage of time each employee spends on warranty. For each employee you must enter either a salary or an hourly wage and regularly scheduled hours. Once you have entered a total, you can press the tab key to move to the next field or click 'Next Page..' to submit your entries.

Name (optional)
Percentage time spent on warranty
(e.g.: 40% = .40 or 40)
Employee Monthly Salary
OR Employee Hourly Wage
Scheduled Hours Per-week
Overtime Hours Per Week (hourly only)