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Brandon Johnson - Brian Bemis
"As you can imagine, as a Service Manager, we try to get every last ticket in for month end. After working with your staff, it is clear to me how seamless your process is in place. Their attitudes, training, and knowledge have been superior to any other warranty company I have worked with. Not only are their jobs done effectively, it is as though we work 'together' instead of you being an outside company to us."

Dawn Gilmore - Beaver Dam Ford
"I would just like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your staff. Not only do we all make a great team but I have learned so much simply by the knowledge you provide. I know your staff's primary job is to process our warranty but they also furnish the tools for our dealership to be more efficient and productive. To me that is going above and beyond the job. WPI is one of my favorite vendors along with one of the best working relationships I have. I look forward to our continued work relationship."

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