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Topic: Nissan Time Clocking Requirement Reminder

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T.Panetti  Topic:07-16-2018 2:45PM  -  Subject: Nissan Time Clocking Requirement Reminder
Joined:08-21-2015 12:32PM
Labor time is a crucial component of a dealers productivity. The acceptable methods for tracking labor time are 1) using a manual time clock which accurately records date and time (Time Clocking) that is legible or 2) an electronic work order system that accurately records the times, with their allocated descriptions, on the invoice copy of the work order. Proper and accurate time tracking can alleviate possible non-payment of claims. Handwritten time clocking is not acceptable.

Technicians, including technicians working together as a team, are responsible for using a time clock for recording separate, identifiable “clock on” and “clock off” times. All technicians and employees (including salaried employees) who logged time on the work, must be identified by name or employee number, the date and hours worked by each must be logged and legible. Separate, identifiable “clock on” and “clock off” times using a time clock which records, date (month, day & year) and time (including hours, minutes and AM/PM) on the Work Order hard copy are required for each Work Order Line.

All straight time operations require recorded separate, identifiable “clock on” and “clock off” times, the Technician’s ID number, the hours flagged, and an explanation or supporting comments to substantiate the time being claimed. These items should be on the back of the hard copy of the Work Order. Straight time should not be claimed for TechLine consultation or perceived inadequate flat rate times.

Service Managers are required to approve any “add-on” repair and record on the original work order adjacent to the needed repair their signature (or legible initials), the date, time stamp (using a mechanical time clock or management clocking onto the repair through the dealer’s DMS system), and a statement explaining the type of add-on repair that is being approved (e.g., merely writing “OK” is not sufficient).

As a reminder, Nissan may charge back and/or not approve claims when time is not recorded, or the recorded “clock on\" and \"clock off\" times do not reasonably support the time spent working on the vehicle. “Time clocking on file” or similar statements, or elapsed times that do not reasonably support the repair claimed, may result in chargeback of the entire claim amount.

For your reference, the section and policy numbers in the Nissan APRM regarding Time Clocking requirements are:


2.9: Retention of Claim Records
2.13: Service Manager
2.15: Technician Requirements
2.24: Squeak & Rattle Repairs
2.27: \"No Defect Found\" Work Orders

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