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Topic: GM Diagnostic allowances Increase

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T.Panetti  Topic:07-03-2018 2:33PM  -  Subject: GM Diagnostic allowances Increase
Joined:08-21-2015 12:32PM
Effective on Job Cards dated July 1, 2018, GM is making the following changes:

-Increase diagnostic allowances from 0.3 hour maximum to up to 1.0 hour based on actual time spent by the technician, impacting over 1,100 select labor operations involving electrical and module diagnosis

-Increase to the R1234YF refrigerant evacuation and recovery time allowance from 0.5 to 1.2 hours, enabling thorough and accurate diagnosis and repair, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced comebacks by fixing vehicles right the first time

-In cases requiring more diagnostic time than typical Warranty Diagnostic Time, dealers should utilize Other Labor Hours (OLH)

-Variable diagnostic time is no longer required on 93 labor operations involving trim and incandescent bulbs. If additional labor time is needed on these items, dealers should follow the current OLH process

GM will now require any amount submitted in the Labor Diagnosis Time field be supported with SEPERATE on/off punch times. This applies to all job cards dated on/after July 1st. Service management authorization is not required.

Service management should announce these new changes to Technicians, covering punch time requirements.

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