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Topic: Chrysler Recall Floor Plan Reimbursement

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T.Panetti  Topic:06-19-2018 11:10AM  -  Subject: Chrysler Recall Floor Plan Reimbursement
Joined:08-21-2015 12:32PM
When there is a stop sale on an UNSOLD vehicle, a New Safety Recall Advanced Communication (NSRAC) will be issued to dealers announcing that the VINs have been identified and the stop sale is in effect. The published stop sale date will be the start date for the Floor Plan Reimbursement period.

However, if a vehicle is delivered to your dealership AFTER the stop sale date, you must use the KZX date (delivered to dealer) as the start date. KZX date can be found within the Vehicle Ordering & Inventory Management (VOIM) application on DealerCONNECT using the following path: DealerCONNECT>Sales>Orders & Inventories>Vehicle Ordering & Inventory Management (VOIM).

When a remedy is available, the remedy will launch with the repair instructions which will serve as the end date for the Floor Plan Reimbursement period.

The maximum number of days that can be claimed for Floor Plan Reimbursement will also be published in each Safety Recall's repair instructions. It is the difference between the stop-sale date and the date of the remedy launch. Vehicles KZX'd after the stop sale will be eligible for less than the published maximum days.

Each vehicle line will be assigned a daily reimbursement amount based on national average interest rates and average vehicle invoice prices. Each vehicle line that the Safety Recall applies to will be published in the repair instructions along with the daily allowance.
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