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Topic: Audi GFF crack down

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b.taylor  Topic:01-10-2013 1:57PM  -  Subject: Audi GFF crack down
Joined:12-15-2009 12:22PM
In the past several months Audi has been cracking down on the GFF process and the time that it takes. In the past if you did a GFF on a vehicle and sent it online they would pay the time with no questions asked. If you are claiming a GFF for ignition coil replacement you must show the misfire on the GFF and show the misfire moving to the next cylinder when the coil is swapped to a different cylinder. That must be done in order for Audi to pay the claim. Battery claims also follow something similar. Audi vehicles except the R8 and A3 must have a GFF showing the battery test done and must state replace the battery. Once again if that is not done the claim will not pay. Please review these GFF rules with your techs and writers. This will help speed up you Audi payments.
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