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Topic: Ford: GR1-190 Battery Tester

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b.taylor  Topic:02-25-2011 9:56AM  -  Subject: Ford: GR1-190 Battery Tester
Joined:12-15-2009 12:22PM
In mid-December, Ford sent all dealerships a "GR1-190" battery tester free of charge. As of February 1st, 2011 this tester must be used to test all batteries. The GR1-190 tester generates an ACES II code that begins with an "X" and has a 13-character DTC. The old "Micro 490" generates an ACES II code that begins with "H" and has a 5 or 6 character DTC. Any claim with battery testing after 1 February with an "H" battery code will be rejected by Ford.
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